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facebook-plum   The Field Before Us

“Fullness of living and joy in life depend upon the establishment of these relations…this is the field before us.” Join us as we explore this field of right relationships, fitting ideas and careful habits at the 2016 Peoria Charlotte Mason Gathering. Thursday night begins with an introductory talk about the distinctives of a Charlotte Mason education and continues Friday and Saturday with plenary talks, breakout sessions, immersion classes, encouragement and fellowship. Our gathering features Dr. Carroll Smith, Director of the Charlotte Mason Institute, Nicole Williams of Sabbath Mood Homeschool and A Delectable Education podcast, and Kelli Christenberry, Charlotte Mason mentor and speaker, as well as other experienced Charlotte Mason enthusiasts covering a wide range of topics.

Our efforts in education are toward the expansion and growth of the person through habits of thought and action; to secure right relationship with ideas…Fullness of living, joy in life, depend upon the establishment of these relations…Every relation must be initiated by its own ‘captain idea’, sustained upon fitting ideas, and wrought into each person through his own careful and repeated work. This is the field before us.
~ from School Education, p. 71&75